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I have 3 wireless access points all setup with the same ssid to allow for roaming (802.11g). The channel is set to auto on the access points. I am having some problems where the clients (all using Cisco wireless cards) are temporarily disconnecting and reconnecting to different wireless access points depending on signal strength and what the card thinks is the best connection at the time. Problem is these clients are running Oracle clients, and the Oracle clients are erroring out every time the workstations switch to a different access point. One thing I was going to try was to force all of the access points to use the same channel, but I am not sure if this is the best approach when using the same ssid's for multiple access points (roaming) or must they all use different channels?

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You can use channels as you need, but there are no difference, they will keep disconnecting when switching from one access point to other.

Configure your clients to manually change the access point.
They should all be on separate channels to eliminate channel to channel interference. Channel 1, 6 and 11 have the most separation. Roaming is an issue with time sensitve applications, Cisco came out with the WDS (Wireless Distribution System) which is an IOS software that supposedly gets the roaming down to 150ms.
DMS-XAuthor Commented:
I cannot believe I said I used Cisco cards, I made a mistake the cards are 3COM.
What's your APs. you said cisco cards. Which wireless control software do you have for 3COMs? We had so many problems with native Intel application, now we use just windows wireless software and roaming works even for AS400 terminal which is very sensentive for delays. We have up to 3 APs at one location, WDS enabled, RADIUS EAP authentication against AD
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