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Hi All,

It is possible to create a dial pattern in CME to allow numbers within the same ddi range to differernt internal numer ranges?

 01234 1234..  to 3..
 01234 1234..  to 4..

Just matching the last 2 digits of the ddi to the last 2 unique digits of the intenal numers

 01234 123400 to 300
 01234 123411 to 411

Really urgent one if someone can help.

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The_R0CKConnect With a Mentor Commented:
oh Sorry,

if you want to do the following:
01234 123400 to 300
01234 123411 to 411

Then you will need to setup additonal rules. ie:
(config)#voice translation-rule 1
             #rule 1 /^01234123400/ /300/
             #rule 2 /^01234123411/ /411/

Hope that makes sense....
hi there

you can do a translation pattern

e.g 01234 1234XXX to 3XXX   when user dials 12345787 it will convert it to 12343587

Hi. Yes, you do need to use a translation pattern. First of all, here is the translation pattern you need:

(config)#voice translation-rule 1
             #rule 1 /^012341234/ /3/
(This will match a string starting with 012341234, and change it 3XX)

Now create a translation profile:
(config)#voice translation-profile INCOMING
             #translate called 1
(This will apply the tanslation rule to the number which is being called, ie your internal number)

Then apply the translation-profile to your incoming dial-peer:
(config)#dial-peer voice 100 pots
(config-dial-peer)#incoming called-number .
(config-dial-peer)#translation-profile incoming INCOMING

That should sort out your problems. There is also a nice command where you can test you translation-rules:
# test voice translation-rule 1 01234123400
Result will equal = 300!!

WillScott250Author Commented:
Perfect. Thank you!
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