Verizon DSL and SonicWall TZ-170 Router Setup

Does anyone know the proper settings to get a Verizon Business DSL line up with a SonicWall TZ-170 router? We found the spot for PPPoE username and password, but it still will not connect thru the router (if we plug the pc right into the dsl modem it works). We use dynamic IP's from Verizon and internally as well.

Are there settings we are missing?
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dragonjimConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If your wizard does not appear -- see page 7 (above URL)
Getting started guide for the 170:

Looking over it now...
See Page 9...
See Page 10... looks like you'll need to enter the username / password into the 170...

Just a quick inspection:

Allow 170 to connect via PPPoE on the WAN port (set this up with your username / password)
LAN side computers will connect using TCP/IP to the 170
josephfreerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help and link - seems actually that the Verizon DSL router had to be put into bridged mode first via direct ethernet connection before the router will work.
no problem.
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