VPN Considerations for Installation of Client Software onto Employees HOME PC's for access into network

I have a Client which has decided to go to a VPN solution in an office of roughly 50 users. I already have the VPN solution installed and just proposed RSA SecurID in addition - The VPN is NOT live yet.  The company originally intended to buy 50 laptops, LOCK them down, put PGP on them, and add in the VPN Client (prior to my recommendation of RSA). I felt like that would be a pretty safe solution, but now I get thrown a boomerang, and am told that they wish to put it on roughly HALF (25) of employees HOME computers which I have NO knowledge of.

With everything going on, and just about 25% of the HOME PC's I fix being compromised, I am very worried about going this route. Unless I can wipe, lockdown, and return each PC, I wouldn't be able to sleep well at night - Even still I wouldn't, but it would help.

Your Thoughts on installing a VPN client on a PC you have never seen and allowing it access into your 'secure' network?
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lausengdnConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You are correct, Since these PC's are not owned by the company and they really can't control what is installed or how the owners of these PC's use them, you may want to ask them to reconsider this.
devruizAuthor Commented:
I agree! Any other comments are truly appreciated!

I may also add the the CFO's HUSBAND is allowed to install a VPN client on an anonymous system and connect through their network (a MAJOR hospital system). So She doesn't understand. I told her maybe HE had Mickey Mouse and Goofy setting up their network.
devruizAuthor Commented:
You get full points since you were the only participant! Thanks for your input!
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