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NT 4.0 Domain User Audit

I am being asked to do a user audit for our NT 4.0 domain. I need all the usenames and the last logon time and date for all the accounts.
1 Solution
This might do the trick; run it on any domain member.
If it doesn't, please post a sample output of the command
net user SomeUser /domain
(replace "SomeUser" with any valid user account, leave the "/domain" as is).

@echo off
set LogFile=D:\Temp\test.csv
if exist "%LogFile%" del "%LogFile%"
for /f "skip=4 tokens=1-3" %%a in ('net user /domain') do (
  if not "%%a"=="" call :process %%a
  if not "%%b"=="" call :process %%b
  if not "%%c"=="" call :process %%c
goto :eof

set User=%1
:: *** Drop the last line of the "net user" command
if /i "%User%"=="The" goto :eof
if /i "%User%"=="command" goto :eof
if /i "%User%"=="completed" goto :eof

echo Processing %User% ...
for /f "tokens=2*" %%a in ('net user %User% /domain ^| find /i "Last logon"') do set LastLogon=%%b
echo ... %LastLogon%
>>"%LogFile%" echo %User%,%LastLogon%
goto :eof

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