Veritas xml error viewing job history

Getting this error when trying to look at the job history:   JOB LOG DISPLAY ERROR  Illegal xml character  99: D:\Program Files\Veritas\BackupEx\NT\Data\BEX_ServerName_01068.xml.  I've been getting this error everyday when trying to view the job history for the daily backup for a week.  The W2003 server is up to date on all Windows updates.  Please help...
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Iamthecreator OMAdministrateur Systeme et ReseauxCommented:
Please refer to the following article

also run live update to update the backup exec software
It looks like your jobs may not be completing and are not correctly writing closing tags in the xml files for the logs.
Open D:\Program Files\Veritas\BackupEx\NT\Data\BEX_ServerName_01068.xml with notepad and check if the job reports that is was succesfull.

If not succesfull, check the event viewer for any of the Backup Exec services terminating unexpectedly, or the server rebooting.
Iamthecreator OMAdministrateur Systeme et ReseauxCommented:
the issue can also occur if you have a lot of errors in the job logs and the job log exceeds the limit of the XML parser.

Also it can appear due to exchange related errors,like trying to backup mailboxes that have been deleted or are marked for deletion
tinamerrifieldAuthor Commented:
Thanks so much iamthecreator for the solution.  It seemed to be registering the xml dll's again and clearing out all the old xml files.  I ran a quick backup job and can now view the job log just fine.
When trying to view the job log for a completed backup, I get the following error:

"One or more errors were encountered converting the job log into a web page for display. The job log will be displayed in text format."

"LoadXML failed. Reason: A. Error on line 181, position 24 in "f"
C:\Program Files\VERITAS\Backup Exec\NT\Data\BEX00021.xml

I have followed the instructions in the Veritas article 254079 but the problem still exists.

In the article it says to register some DLL files. All except MSXML1.dll are ok. When attempting regsrv32 msxml1.dll an error says: "LoadLibrary("MSXML1.dll") failed - The specified module could not be found."
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