No process visible after executing mysqld-nt command

I execute this command:
it returns to the prompt with no message, so I guess that's means it worked.
However, if I look in the Windows Task Manager, I do not see a process for mysql.
Should I see one?

Win XP
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Aleksandar BradarićConnect With a Mentor Software DeveloperCommented:
If there's no process, MySQL is not running.

Go to the `...\MySQL\Data` folder and take a look at the `your_hostname.err` file. What does it say?
Aleksandar BradarićSoftware DeveloperCommented:
There should be `mysqld-nt.exe` on the `Processes` tab - nothing on the `Applications` tab.

Try issuing:
net stop mysql
net start mysql

What does it say?
allelopathAuthor Commented:
>>net stop mysql
System Error 1060 has occurred.
The specified service does not exist as a installed service.

but this comes as no surprise because, as I have just learned from a previous question I posted, starting mysql with the mysqld-nt.exe command starts mysql manually, not as a service.
allelopathAuthor Commented:
oh, and as I stated in the first post, there is no process for mysql
allelopathAuthor Commented:
I'm not sure why that doesn't work.
I do know that it works when starting/stopping mysql as a service
(as opposed to typing mysqld-nt at the command line)
so I'm going with that.
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