Boot XP from external hard disk, or boot loader problem?

HI , I have 250GB sata hard disk with installed XP on it, and I want to use it as external, with USB interface. I bought HDD Ecnlosurer which uses USB to connect to the computer.
I have the fallowing on my computer:
1 hard disk  of 80Gb IDE, with Linux partition on it
and the disk I want to use as external. As bootloader I use grub.

When I put the hard disk on the HDD Ecnlosurer i set the bios to start from it (it recognized it fine) and started the computer.

Firstly i got the GRUB interface (which tells me that it started reading from the 250GB HDD)
when selecting the linux option, it works fine, but when selecting the windows XP option, I get the fallowing error:

chainloader +1

A disk read error accured
Pres ctrl+alt+delete to restart."

Is this a problem with the boot loader or with the windows XP starting from external HDD?
HOw can i solve it?

Thanks for any help

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You can run XP from a Ext USB.  Here are the instructions.  It works well.  There is a little bit of a lag do to the interface.
You can't start XP from a USB attached disk. This is a driver issue. What you can do is get an external case with eSATA and connect the disk to that rather than using USB. With eSATA you should be able to start XP from the external Disk, provided you have the driver for the SATA controller installed, and the rest of XP was originally installed on the same hardware (mainboard etc).
DimkovAuthor Commented:
i have already bought this one...
I found some tutorials that suggest it is possible, but I need to install XP again...which will loose all my data.
I read somewhere that it is possible to rename the USB as external disk
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DimkovAuthor Commented:
i went through this tutorial before posting the question, but the problem is... i already have installed windows on the hard disk
Move the data and start over.  Without the drive being properly formatted to start with, you are stuck.
DimkovAuthor Commented:
i have about 230gb of data, and I have noware to put them...
I checked on internet, and it seems the message is from the GRUB boot loader . Is it possible when starting the boot loader, to search the HDD in some old place (hd1,5), and now is on another place (the usb)
The issue is the way a harddrive is accessed via usb.  If not formatted correctly is will not boot.
DimkovAuthor Commented:
it is formated as ntfs. The MBR is in the smaller drive (80gb) and the bootloader starts from there
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