LCD Monitor Shadows

I have a Dell LCD Monitor. Recently it shows "streaking" where there is often a light gray shadow to the right of text and/or images. Usually the more dark colors in an image, the stronger the shadow. The shadow extends towards the right & then fades away.

Can this be fixed? I don't know the model #. It's about 20" diagonal "widescreen".

I bought it new from Dell less than a year ago.
Richard KortsAsked:
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If on warranty, ask for replace, if not..... ummmm replace it.


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check your VGA cable first try moving it where it is connected to the computer and look at the screen meanwhile if the shadow change then the VGA card need some proper fixation in the motherboard and this is easy to solve if no chaneg of any type was noted while doing this try connecting it to another computer or laptop if it has the same problem then use your warranty.
Just for ease of reporting this, I would follow Dr-4N's advice - Dell's customer service department are notoriously hard to actually exchange or repair items, even if they are still in warranty without you carrying out some form of diagnostics first. However, unless the computer has been moved recently, i.e. just before you noticed the issue, then I find it unlikely that the video card would be causing any kind of problem.
Richard KortsAuthor Commented:
To all;

The computer has NOT been moved in 6 months.

However, the cat likes to try to get into the back & rummage around, so it is POSSIBLE the VGA cable is loose in the connection; I will check.

They I'll try warranty.

Interestingly, the severity varies with time. Right now it is very mild & hardly noticible.
Even if there is no report of CPU movements during the past 6 months try refixing the cables it won't cost you a lot of time
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