why do we telnet to ip at port 1080 what to check for

why do we telnet to ip at port 1080 and 443 what to check for and if we are able to telnet
what does that mean and if not what does that mean
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if telnet gives error like could not open connection to host, connect failed...., then it means cannot connect.

Circumstance 1:
If we have a webpage that goes like 'https://www.abc.com/hello' and it doesn't work, we can telnet www.abc.com 443 to determine if the SSL connectivity is up or not. Sometimes its a router thats misconfigured, sometimes it may just be a software firewall causing problems.
Port 443 is used when HTTPS (commonly known as secured HTTP) is used. Its like http except that there's an additional authentication/encryption layer.
Port 1080 is for SOCKS, to support outbound tcp services.
If someone can telnet your port 1080, its a potential hacking hazard.
mahesh1818Author Commented:
when we ask user to telnet to port 443 under what circumstances
also when we ask user to telnet from command prompt
telnet  ip 443 and press enter
how we know that user is connected
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mahesh1818Author Commented:
or if connection to port 443 fails what error user will get and what does that mean if user is unable to telnet to port 443
mahesh1818Author Commented:
what is SSL connectivity
SSL is secure socket layer.
It is a layer of communication that includes security features. For a detailed explanation, you may like to visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Secure_Sockets_Layer.
> how we know that user is connected
you don't know, you need to ask the admin of the server the user connects too

> if connection to port 443 fails what error user will get
most likely "connection refused", "connection failed" or something like "connection teimeout"

> ..and what does that mean if user is unable to telnet to port 443
that might have countless reasons, please give more information about it, error messages and alike ...


telnet address:1080
you telnet to see if the port has a server associated. you can also to netstat -a and you will get a list of active ports and their ips connected

Why do you want to check this port>
Port 1080 (tcp/udp) | SANS Internet Storm Center; Cooperative Network ...
SANS Internet Storm Center - A global cooperative cyber threat / internet ... Symantec, the Bugbear.B worm opens a listening port on 1080 on infected machines. ...
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