Does the technology exist to auto-reset a failed ADSL modem?

Hi people

I have many clients who have ADSL broadband connections which my business resells.  They all have ADSL modems / routers to connect to the service.  Inevitably, ADSL lines sometimes lose the connection and the modem needs to be reset. This involves directing the client to the modem and asking them to power cycle it.  Many ADSL connections are stable and never fail, some fail regularly.

I cannot understand why it is not a standard feature of any ADSL modem that it has the ability to perform a hard reset automatically when a connection is lost.  Do any ADSL modems do this?

Or is there are piece of hardware which can monitor a connection by pinging, and if the connection fails, reset the power supply to the modem which is plugged into it?

I cannot be the only person experiencing this problem?  My clients use a variety of hardware, often ZyXel, US Robotics, LinkSys, even Cisco.  Not of them seem to have the "brains" to perform a restart when they lose their connection to the net.

I understand there could be a problem in that a device which switches itself off, cannot then turn itself on again, but there are ways around this my using a separate circuit with a small battery to maintain power, or even just restarting the ADSL modem part of the device.

Any thoughts?
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I use iBoot product and very happy with it. I have it installed in the middle of nowhere, so it saves hours of driving to push the power button.
Hello... there are a variety of "remote power cycle" products available, many of them are designed for manual or scripted control... if you google remote power cycle or similar terms, you will come across a few options.

Specifically for your case, I found

They're a company that's local to me and have been around for many years. This device is $300, but it has brains in it. I don't know if this fits your price range or not. This model is listed with "Powerful AutoPing Reboot: Eliminate those 3 AM service calls! The controller automatically "pings" your servers.  Enable AutoPing  to automatically reboot when a fault is detected."
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