Export wireless settings from old XP SP2 machine to new one.

What I need:
A way to export the wireless networks from a user's XP SP2 machine and import them on a new XP SP2 machine.

We have many users that use wireless networks at home but are unable to remember what their network keys and settings are.  We are replacing 700 laptops by the end of this year and are running into this problem more frequently, any help would be appreciated.

Netsh WLAN commands, will not work because this is a XP machine and not Vista
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If they are using WEP-based encryption, you can use this :
This tool is scriptable as well which is a good thing if you are doing this for more than 700 laptops.

Unfortunately, I am not sure how to re-use the keys it gives for WPA, but it works fine for WEP...

This tool reads wireless settings from this registry location :


It would look to simple to export this as a reg file and restore this on the new machine but you may want to try (I don't have any machine to try this on at the moment, maybe tomorrow...)
darkman424Author Commented:
It worked!  I'm gonna document the piece I figured out for others that may need to do this.

Using that utility it gives us something like:
Network Name (SSID): MyHome
Key Type          : WPA-PSK
Key (Hex)         : 834639a88129627ef5653e4ac3ba476074ef8db04407313824f4f733b1914f52
Key (Ascii)       :

WEP connections give you the passphrase in ASCII format as well, WPA only shows the Hex version.

With WPA,
1 - copy the Hex key
2 - Run 'Start' - 'Control Panel' - 'Wireless Network Setup Wizard'
3 - Select the 'Setup a new wireless network'
4 - Select  'Manually assign a network key'
5 - Check 'Use WPA encryption instead of WEP ...'
6 - Paste the HEX (64 characters) key into the fields

Then you are all set and don't need the passphrase.
Alright. Glad it helped.
Thanks for having documented as well.
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