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Bitdefender Firewall preventing Media Centre Extender (XBOX360) from reaching PC

Hi all,

I hope you guys can help me. I've just moved house and have set-up my computer and XBOX 360 today but the XBOX cannot see the PC.
Setup as follows: PC wired to ADSL router modem, XBOX wired to POWERLINE Acces point, 2nd POWERLINE Access point wired to ADSL router.

I managed to set up the extender by disabling the firewall and in fact all works fine with firewall disabled but as soon as firewall enabled, XBOX cannot see PC.
I have tried setting ports as described in www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/mediacenter/extender/setup/firewall/config.mspx but this seems not to work. Can anyone give me an idea?

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Have you check Windows firewall to see if that is your problem? Also if you have a firewall through your router, there isn't much point for having a PC Firewall as well.  Also from your PC there should be an option in the extender software to allow the XBOX to connect to the PC. You can chose that specific xbox or all XBOXs to automatically connect. Check your exceptions in your firewall that it will always allow the xbox as well, with the ports.
evilgirafAuthor Commented:
Hi Jstn,

The windows firewall is active but Extender service is ticked as an exception.

I didn't realise this.... so I don't need to have firewall software active on my PC if my BT 2Wire router has one already?  It sounds obvious but I thought better safe than sorry.

On the Bitdefender software there is no option (tick box style or other) that I can see to allow the extender service or XBOX connection.  This was something I found on the net too it just seems it's not catered for in BD v10.

I have tried to add exception to BD's firewall to allow any application to run from the IP of the XBOX but everytime I enter the details: /, they revert to / ........???

Thanks again for your efforts.

zephyr_hex (Megan)DeveloperCommented:
yes, you should not run 2 firewalls on your computer.  either disable windows firewall and configure bitdefender firewall, or disable the bitdefender one and configure windows firewall.

if you use bitdefender, you'll need to configure the exceptions to allow the extender.  to do this, check out the windows firewall settings... highlight the extender in the exceptions list, and click Edit.  this will show you what ports and services need to be configured for the extender.  even though you don't have a standard "extender" option in the bitdefender firewall, you will get the same effect by configuring the individual ports and services that belong to the extender group that you see in windows firewall
evilgirafAuthor Commented:
HI Zephyr,

Thanks for your comments.  It wasn't the windows firewall I was referring to but the BT router/modem firewall, i.e. one firewall protecting my PC and another protecting the LAN from the net.  

Anyway,  I have also been on the bitdefender forums (see here: http://forum.bitdefender.com/index.php?showtopic=2536&st=0&gopid=13372&#entry13372) and after updating the BD software to 2008 and re-apllying the firewall settings - all seems well.

Thanks to everyone who helped me on this.
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