C:\wrox\pro_jms\Chapter04\AccountsDepartment.java:4: package javax.jms does not exist

can someone tell me the .jar file to use for package javax.jms?  netbeans for some reason is not able to find it.
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objectsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
they'd be in j2ee.jar (or whatever jar the j2ee classes are in)
you can download J2EE or get it from your contaiuner

mmingfeilamAuthor Commented:
i think you guys are both right, but i just can't tell netbeans 5.0 where that jar is located so it will build my project.  i tried the library manager and added a new library and used the j2ee.jar file, but the build still failed.  maybe i need to use ant and the build.xml.
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you sure there isn't a jar with your MQ?
mmingfeilamAuthor Commented:
when i build from the command line using jdk 1.6, it's fine.  but with netbeans 5.0 (i have to use it since our client uses only 5.0), the latest jdk it will use is jdk 1.5 (but even that i think should be fine as JMS is not new technology).  i think maybe i should modify build.xml and use the attached ANT compiler to build instead.  i just need to figure out the syntax.
mmingfeilamAuthor Commented:
never mind, i figured it out.  i have to add the jar to the project's library
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