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Here is my question.  This is drving me nuts..  I deleted everthing in the SoftwareDistribution Folder because I want to redownload my windows updates.  But when I got to the microsoft site it thinks that everything has already been downloaded and just errors on every singe patch.  I want to redownload the patches but I dont have that option.  I am assuming there is a flat file or an XML file somewhere that is telling the windows update site that these particular patches have ALREADY been downloaded to the computer but I cant seem to find it!!  Does my question make sence?  I just want to re downloaded the patches to the computer :(
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I think the XML file was way back in the windows 98 days.
when you said you'd deleted the files in SoftwareDistribution was it in c:\windows or c:\windows\system32 you removed.
Typically the history is in c:\windows\SoftwareDistribution\datastore and c:\windows\SoftwareDistribution\download

Here is the WEB site you can find all WIndows XP essential updates and patches which you can download and save as installation files you can re-use on any WIndows XP machines ( even the ones that have no internet access)
Fridolin MansmannMaster of Business Engineering ManagementCommented:
Try deleting (or renaming) "Windows Update.log" file in the Windows directory also
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Download, install, and run Cleanup:

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James HaywoodCommented:
If you just want the updates available to re-distribute or backup this is a good little utility

Good suggestion. Also cleaning out the updates that are listed in add/remove programs using CCleaner coupled with cleaning out the software distribution directory should make it so windows itself won't know whats been applied.

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