Configuring CR3500 shared storage controller on Proliant CR380 running CentOS 5

I have acquired a compaq CL380 and am attempting to configure  and install CentOS 5.  I have used SmartStart 5.5 to configure node 1 and the integrated array.  I have not been able to figure out how to configure the shared storage array. There is a CR3500 configuration utility on the SmartStart CD, but it is for the Windows NT, 2000, etc environment.  The CR3500 array configuration tools that I have found only relate to a windows environment. Any information on this will be really appreciated.  Thanks in advance.
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andyalderCommented: ought to help. The configuration utility is a GUI that can talk to the controller through the serial port so you can run it from a Windows laptop, that's what you had to do with Netware aswell. I think it drives a simple text based command line interface which is why it is very slow but I can't find the CLI reference guide. lists the software guide which probably covers the CLI but it's giving a 404 error at the moment.
hiwayman1Author Commented:
Thanks, the serial connection did the trick.  Cannot believe I didn't think of it.
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