SBS-2003 Moving Pagefile off C: drive

We are runing out of space on the C: drive on a HP  SBS-2003 server that has been pre-configured with a 10GB C: drive and a 24GB D: drive. To free space on the C: drive is it safe to specify that there is no Pagefile on the C drive and a  system managed size pagefile on the d :drive? If I set it for no page file on the C drive I get a mesage saying that "if the pagefile on the C drive has an initial size of less than 2048Mb the system may not be able to generate debugging information if a stop code occurs, continue?"


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Philip ElderConnect With a Mentor Technical Architect - HA/Compute/StorageCommented:
You can set the C: Swap to 200MB for the dump iirc. Not to worry though, if the server is dumping, there will be more to worry about than accessing the crash dump files! :D
Move the Swap over to the D: drive, manually set it for the settings the system automatically setup.
Simple rule: 2 GB RAM = manually set: 1048 minimum and 4096 maximum. 3 GB = 1536 min with 4096 max. 4 GB = 2048 min and 4096 max.
Note that a reboot will be required.
Andrew_HarperAuthor Commented:
thanks - I will proceed with thse changes tonight
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