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I heard there are programs that you can remotely monitor internet traffic and see what people are using around you or more importantly see if someone is monitoring your (my) internet use. What are some programs out. I have a guy at work that I think has been monitoring my usage and  I lock my laptop so im sure he has not had physical access to my laptop.
Its a mac os.
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Assuming he has no direct access to your laptop (and has not guessed your password), about all he could do is to monitor your network traffic. How easily he can do this depends on what type of network you're sharing. For example, if you are both on a shared hub then he could monitor all traffic to/from your computer by using a network sniffing program like wireshark (formerly etherreal) though it may be impratical to monitor ALL traffic, he could monitor enough.

On the other hand if you are on a switched network then it would not be so easy, and he would need admin access to the switch to do any monitoring.

How can you detect if someone is monitoring your usage. For the most part you cannot, because once traffic leaves your laptop it is out of your control, and not easy to detect who may be monitoring it. You can of course limit what you put on the network, and you can also review your network topology to see if it is shared or switched, and who has access, etc.

Hi oriontala1,  the one I use  and  that may assist you in monitoring your own system.
Active Ports
This program enables you to monitor all open TCP/IP and UDP ports on a local computer.
Whenever anyone access your ip address it flashed red, you can then highlight this Quiry Names
it will show the remote address and local address.
you then have the choice to terminate the process.
Forced accept.

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