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We're new to the Small Business Server.  Is there a way to restrict a remote user so they only have the option of connecting to their own station?  Can I create a template or profile to direct them to the correct option and not show them the other options on the main menu?
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Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyConnect With a Mentor Principal ConsultantCommented:
Restricting users to only connect to their own workstation is actually the DEFAULT configuration if you follow the documentation for setting up SBS.

When you join a workstation to the domain using http://<SERVERNAME>/connectcomputer, you assign a user to that workstation.  Essentially that will make that user the only one that should be able to access that workstation via RWW other than Administrators.  (ConnectComputer will put that user in the local administrators group which has RDP permissions -- all other users are just in the local Users group which do NOT have RDP permissions by default).

So, no need to create a template for this.  But if you didn't join the workstations properly, rejoin them following the steps outlined at

Restricting users to only being able to access certain applications, and turning off the rest if primarily done via the Group Policies. Here you can customize just about anything,
Restricting a user to only login to one terminal can be done by:
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