Varying keys on keyboard sticking

This lady's homebuilt PC that was working fine for 2 years has recently begun having KB issues.   A key will stick -- appartently until rebooted.  I first thought this a HW issue, and replaced the PS2 KB with USB.  Same deal .

I've scanned it for malware.  All signs point to motherboard.  Does anyone know otherwise?


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you can detect if it is a hardware, or software problem by running from a bootable  cd :      Knoppix                                     BartPe

if it runs ok here, your hard is fine, and the problem is software
you can always run sfc /scannow from the run box
nope not realy, check the device manager open the VIEW tick to show hidden devices.Any rpoblem devices?
Did this owner share the computer with teenagers and if aware they installed any keyboard shortcuts assign new actions to certain keys?
As they use PS/2 connection as well as USB, Try a  PS/2 keyboard
any other devices using USB?
Could be a bad USB or PS/2
Try to run the Repair for your OS .......... Repair for your OS could reinstall the driver for your mouse and keyboard (both driver included in the OS CD / Build In) .......  Hope this help .......

If still cannot, try to reformat your Hard Disk .... It could be some corrupted files that makes the problem occur ..........
fuze44Author Commented:
Sorry for the delay. It was the mobo.
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