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UART IC design

Hello, I would like to ask if anyone has useful resources to design a UART(Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter) with VHDL. I intend to design one and eventually fabricate it into an IC. Sorry i'm a newbie here..would give more points if i could.. :( Thanks in advance!
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I used to know everything there was about the Serial UART chips in 19.2, 28.8 and 56.6 kbps modems, but as these were commonly phased out and replaced by software emulating their functionality, I lost touch.  See also: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/16550_UART

What are you going to put the IC into? (feel free to obfuscate (make vague) your answer if proprietary application is involved)

Do you already have a market for your UART?
sampatyapAuthor Commented:
Hi Klaatu01,

Well actually i was looking more into it's components. Like for example a calculator consists of an ALU, registers and etc. It would be great if you could get me an example of a UART design in VHDL because i don't really know much about it... Thank you for your reply so far, i really appreciate it! :)
[VHDL architecture UART ALU] = Google "web" hits = 11,300 (narrowed down from 93,000 by adding "ALU" to the search criteria.

[VHDL architecture UART ALU] = Google "image" hits = 93 (narrowed down from 507 by adding "ALU" to the search criteria.

I could try and narrow this down a bit further, but you likely know more about what it is you need.  If this is a class/school project it might be worthwhile to have a mentor or someone more familiar with device or VHDL stuff to assist.

In Google's "Groups" (a.k.a. Usenet Newsgroups) there are only 7 matches to these same keywords.  Outside the resume/job groups there are "comp.arch.fpga" and "comp.arch.embedded" groups that contain at least one reference to these keywords; "arch" being short for "architecture" and "fpga" (I'm guessing) floating point gated array.  How's that?
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