Changing default mailbox store in Exchange 2003 Server

I have an Exchange 2003 Server (Exch01) in my domain, and recently I have installed another Exchange 2003 Server as front-end server (Exch02) into my domain.  When both servers are online, I could see them in the First Administrative Group -> Server, and also my Routing Group -> Members, with Exch01 being the Master and Exch02 being the Member.  Now the problem is, whenever I add new user, the default mailbox store of the user will go to Exch02! Why? How to change the default mailbox store back to Exch01? Anything that I need to check/configure?  Please help.  Thank you.
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millemaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Unless you are using the front-end server as an SMTP relay, then you don't need to mount any stores on it.  If you dismount and remove the stores then you'll defaullt to the back-end when mailbox enabling users.
if the exch02 server has been setup as a front-end server, then it should not list in the list of available servers to create a mailbox.
did you put a check in "this is a front-end server" in the properties of the exch02 server?
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