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Posted on 2007-10-16
Last Modified: 2013-12-02
I need a onclick event to do the following

Filename = orderid
Open a FTP location i.e.
Login username
login password
go to path
check if file exits orderid&".xml"
if exisits then download to local path d:\download
import xml file in to database as table
if not exist then close ftp and
msgbox "File does not exisit" <-- in access

Thats it..

Now I know I can creat a batch file that will run a .scr <scrtipt> file that can login to ftp etc.  but how do i pass a variable from access form to a batch file....  

instead of running a batch file from outside access, doesn't access have a way to access ftp itself?

Question by:Ricky11
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    Accepted Solution

    <<Now I know I can creat a batch file that will run a .scr <scrtipt> file that can login to ftp etc.  but how do i pass a variable from access form to a batch file....   >>

      You create the file on disk, then execute it with the shell command. ie. something like the function below.

    <<instead of running a batch file from outside access, doesn't access have a way to access ftp itself?>>

       Yes. See the code here:

      This is a FTP class that you can drop into Access and use without shelling out to the command line.  This is the route I would go.


    Function FTPUploadFile(strLocalFileName As String, strFTPFilename As String, strFTPSiteName As String, strUsername As String, strPassword As String, Optional strTransferType As String) As Boolean
            ' Procedure to upload file to FTP site.
            ' Sends e-mail to ITALERT if upload fails and returns false.
            Const RoutineName = "FTPUploadFile"
            Const Version = "1.1"
            Dim strFTPCommandFile As String
            Dim strFTPScriptFile As String
            Dim strFTPLogfile As String

            Dim lngHWnd As Long
            Dim intFileNum As Integer
            Dim strMailMessage As String
            Dim oXYR_SendMail As New XYR_SendMail

    10      On Error GoTo FTPUploadFile_Error
            ' Generate file names
    20      strFTPCommandFile = "\FTP_" & AppShortName() & ".txt"
    30      strFTPScriptFile = "\FTP_" & AppShortName() & ".bat"
    40      strFTPLogfile = "\FTP_" & AppShortName() & ".Log"
            ' Write command file
    50      Open strFTPCommandFile For Output As #99
    60      Print #99, strUsername
    70      Print #99, strPassword
    80      Print #99, "type " & IIf(strTransferType = "B", "binary", "ascii")
    90      Print #99, "put " & Chr$(34) & strLocalFileName & Chr$(34) & " " & strFTPFilename
    100     Print #99, "quit"
    110     Close #99

            ' Write script file
    120     Open strFTPScriptFile For Output As #99
    130     Print #99, "@ftp -i -s:" & strFTPCommandFile & " " & strFTPSiteName & " > " & strFTPLogfile
    140     Close #99

            ' Execute
    150     lngHWnd = Shell(strFTPScriptFile, vbHide)
    160     WaitWhileRunning (lngHWnd)

            ' Check log file
    170     If IsValidFTP(strFTPLogfile) Then
    180       FTPUploadFile = True
    190     Else
    200       If DebugMode() = True Then
    210         Stop
    220         FTPUploadFile = False
    230       Else
    240         oXYR_SendMail.SetParams "ITALERT", ".", "."
    250         oXYR_SendMail.Subject = "FTP Upload failed"
    260         strMailMessage = "The file: " & strLocalFileName & " did not upload to the FTP site: " & strFTPSiteName & " with username: " & strUsername & " password: " & strPassword & vbCrLf
    270         strMailMessage = strMailMessage & "Command, script, and log files are attached." & vbCrLf & vbCrLf
    280         strMailMessage = strMailMessage & "App name:" & AppShortName() & " Version: " & AppVersion()
    290         oXYR_SendMail.Message = strMailMessage
    300         oXYR_SendMail.Attachment = Dir(strFTPCommandFile) & ";" & Dir(strFTPScriptFile) & ";" & Dir(strFTPLogfile)
    310         oXYR_SendMail.Send
    320         FTPUploadFile = False
    330       End If
    340     End If

    350     On Error Resume Next
    360     If Dir(strFTPCommandFile) <> "" Then Kill strFTPCommandFile
    370     If Dir(strFTPScriptFile) <> "" Then Kill strFTPScriptFile
    380     If Dir(strFTPLogfile) <> "" Then Kill strFTPLogfile
    390     Close #99
    400     Exit Function

    410     UnexpectedError ModuleName, RoutineName, Version, Err.Number, Err.Description, Err.Source, VBA.Erl
    420     FTPUploadFile = False
    430     Resume FTPUploadFile_Exit
    End Function

    Author Comment

    tks.. i just shelled out and ran a macro.. thanks.

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