Trouble allowing Windows Administrator user access to Samba share

Morning all,

I have a Sco Openserver 6 machine running Samba (unsure how to determine the version)

I need to be able to create a share on the Unix box that is accessible by a windows Administrator login, and can read files onthe Unix box as if logged in as root.

This is so that I can use Windows NTBackup to create a complete backup of the Unix box.

At present there is an operational Samba share which workstations can browse and access happily, provided they have an account on the unix box. It presents them with a share of their home directory on the unix machine.

I did try creating an Administrator user on the unix box, but the username is too long.

Can someone please guide me through creating a 'simple' root share ?

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edit file: /etc/samba/smb.conf

append this lines at the end of the file:

comment = Total
path = /
browseable = yes
writable = yes
valid users = yourname

create a user in the box: "yourname"
then map a drive to \\linuxbox\total with username "yourname" and yourpassword from the server.

Why you need to access files as root?
You can use any user account.
RobmonsterAuthor Commented:
If I do not access the files as root then will I still be able to read files files that are only readable by root according to unix file permisisons...?

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You can access files subject to their permissions. So make sure users create files that can be backed up.
Is unix file read access essential to backup operation of ntbackup? I think not.
RobmonsterAuthor Commented:
@gheist: As explained I want to create a full backup of the machine, including system areas. That is why I wish to read the files as root, to ensure that I can read and backup all the files. I don't want to find out later on that a partcular file was not backed up due to a file permission error.

@Mikkk: If I take your example, and set validusers = root then it sounds like it should work. I'll give it a try.
Linux has no secret system areas. Backup over samba will omit filesystem permissions an be of no value as a system backup.
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