NIC goes into disable mode by itself ***500 points

My network card is disabled by itself, but it was not exactly disable, i think it was caused by some type of attacks that cause the NIC to go into error mode and disconnect the connection. What I have to do is disable and enable it and it works, until it was attack again.

My server has been locked down, protected by Cisco and winodws firewall, restricted by Local Policies and harden it any way I possibly can. But still experience this problem. I have request my ISP to replace the NIC, then the whole server, anh many OS reloads. But still does not completely prevent this problem.

Please help
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MikkkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I supose that the NIC that does not respodn is the external one. Isn't it?
Try to diabkle the checked "QoS" element in "Network Properties".
It sometimes gives problems like yours in some configurations.
How many NIC do you have on this server?
andreni78Author Commented:
2 one for private network, and 1 for public. Server brand is Supermicro.
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