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Lotus Domino: How to Switch on IMAP?

Dear Experts,

I have a running Domino R5.  How do I "switch on" IMAP?

A step-by-step instruction set would be appreciated.

Yours Sincerely,
2 Solutions
(1) Open your personal address book.
(2) Switch to the Advanced view (or use the menu item "View \ Goto..." and select "Advanced \ Accounts").
(3) Select "New \ Account" from the Account view's action bar.
(4) Enter a name for the account.
(5) Enter your IMAP server's address.
(6) Enter your IMAP account's user name.
(7) Enter you IMAP account's password.
(8) Under "Protocol", select "IMAP Online" or "IMAP Offline" (press F1 to read about the differences).
(9) Select the location that this account applies to or just enter * to make it available to all locations.  The mail file specified in the current Location document will be used to access the IMAP account.  If you don't want your email to be merged into a single file, then create a new mail file (File\Database\New and select a mail template) and a new Location document that points to the new mail file.  Then, in the IMAP account document, specify just that one location.
(10) Check out the Advanced tab to see if you want to change any of those settings.
(11) Save and close the account form.

That ought to do it.
Not sure if you want IMPA on the server or client for Server see

Preparing a mail file for IMAP access  

in the Admin client Help.
Also a search on IMAP will show you ho wto properly set it up on the serer.

I hope this helps !
Bill expalined how to set up a Notes client to access an IMAP server.  Sounds like you wanted to use a Domino server as an IMAP server for a particular NOtes mail file, but using a non-Notes mail client.

1) Set the IMAP settings for the server in the NAB
2) Add IMAP to the ServerTasks line in NOTES.INI
3) If you are not restarting your server, then use console command LOAD IMAP
4) Console command LOAD CONVERT -M mail\mailfilename to IMAP-enable the particualr mail file
5) Make sure the associated person document has an Internet Password
6) Set up the mail client to log into that Domino server using the specified credentials, and a root of \

Tha;t it
jugheadyongAuthor Commented:
Indeed, my intention was to find out how to IMAP-enable the Domino server (that's what it says in the question title).  However, the steps provided for the Notes client may come in useful in the future, so thanks to both of you.

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