Kill all Remote Desktop sessions


My machine (windows 2000) is attached to a network and I regularly remote desktop to a few machines.

Is there a way to find out which machines I'm connected to at any one time?
And / Or how to kill all connections?

I'm having a problem where my account gets locked out as I had to change my password on my machine and I think its the machines Im remote desktoped into that cause the problem.


Terminal Services Remote Desktop
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David Scott, MCSENetwork AdministratorCommented:
hmmm well if you are connected to a computer via remote desktop you will see the RDP client open on your machine.

other than that if the remote machine you connected to is a terminal server, using the terminal services manager on that server you can see if you have a session that is hung up.  

if the servers you are connecting to are in remote administration mode only, you can only have one connection at a time to that server.  So if you can't connect to it, it probably means someone else is remoted to it.

as far as other desktops go...the remote computer would have to kill your session on their computer...possibly having to do so using task manager
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