Blocking - Allowing Internet sites (ISA server)

Hi All,

We have a server (ISA) in the company for monitoring Internet access and blocking and allowing sites.
We created a group (not only oe) and set up to block all the sites exept some company related sites.
When I right click the Exeptions and select properties there I can set the site the user is allowed to access.

In the list I can see following: (the list isnt complete)


You see there is 7 different types. When should I use and which?
All of them are working  I only want to know why this (different) way?

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Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
This is not much help - what version of ISA server are you running?

<<the http list blocks sites to http, the https list blocks sites to https and the ones begininng with www will block both http & https.>>

On some sites, yes. For example, some sites may only have only an http server - others, such as some member-based sites, only have https sites. Others still such as microsoft have both http & https on the same site.

I am a Microsoft MVP. This gives me priveleges on the Microsoft web sites. For example, I am allowed to add, amend or delete Microsoft technet pages that i write myself. If I use the http option to get to technet, I see what you see. If I use the https option i am presented with a login box and see a lot more on the pages.

The * means ANY web server that ends with such as,, etc

Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
telling me the version of ISA server in use and its service pack would help.
What base operating system are you using?
Is ISA installed as a firewall as well or just as a proxy?
The exceptions you list are in the web browser, not in ISA server? Therefore I do not really understand what question you are asking?

Do you just want to know why the exceptions list is formatted differently in the browser exceptions list?
If so, the http list blocks sites to http, the https list blocks sites to https and the ones begininng with www will block both http & https.

If this is not your question, please elaborate.


didier20Author Commented:
Yes, exactly.
I want to know why the exceptions list is formatted differently.
 Do you mean that if I enter and then it's the same as if I'd enter only

And I want to know why is an asterisk after the 2 slashes in the http://*
On that place (where the asterisk is) can be only www nothing else or what do you think?

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didier20Author Commented:
ISA server 2004 version 4.0.2167.887

We're using it for both as a firewall and as a proxy.
Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
Thats fine - does that clear up what you wanted to know?
didier20Author Commented:
Yes, it did. Now I know how to enter exceptions correctly on the Firewall Policy site of the ISA server.
Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
Excellent - thanks for the update

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