GUI interface not found

after installalation of SUSE,it redirects me at login prompt
whai am i doing wrong?
all video settings are correct.
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Rance_HallConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It could also be that your install is trying too hard to discover your hardware.  I have several old boxes with old ATI rage 128 pro video cards and old a heck monitors some not capable of resolutions over 800x640

When I do an install of a NEW distro (older debian etc, always work well) then then the problem I have is that X is running but its running at a resolution larger than what the monitor can support.

edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf (if you are running xorg) and scroll down to the monitor spec section and you will see a bunch of lines like:

modes   "1280x1124" "800x640"  "640x480"

your modes lines will be different from this, you likely have one modes line for each specified monitor depth (the default depth is just above the modes section)

if the first modes are beyond the capability of your equipment remove them and just leave the modes you can use.

change the default depth if you have to.

and then reboot.

most distros install X correclty, and want to start with a pretty graphical logon.

This is the most common video problem I see.
Press [CTRL]+[ALT]+F7
in order to view the graphical interface
It could be that the video drivers for your platform could not be found or didn't work correctly so it is dumping back to the text console.  When it boots does the screen flash like it is trying to load a driver, and/or do you see any error messages about starting X?

Try logging in as root and then running "startx" to start X windows.  If that works then you may just be booting to the wrong runlevel, type runlevel and see if the last number is 3 (text) or 5 (graphical) (it'll show 2 things, previous and current, like N 3).  If it is 3, change /etc/inittab to have 5 as the default.

If you are starting in 5 and X won't start with startx then you need to get the latest drivers for your platform.  This is probably what is going on, since it seems you're on an old version and you probably have a newer system that wasn't out when 7.3 was released.
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