15 remote sites + 1 central office: need to move data between them

   I have 15 remote sites with 2-3 employees and 4 surveillance cameras whih create 1gb of video files per day per cam which comes out to 120gb a month.

   We have a central office that we would like to be the central storage location for these video files so that we can go back 1 or 2 months if we need to for insurance reasons.
   All locations have comcast cable. Uploading dta will take a long time since 15 sites will be sending 120gb of data per month.

Our solution:
   Invest in 30 300+gb external HD's and rotate them between each site and the office.

Is there anything else I can do to get the result we want? We are a small company so investing in an EMC with t1's is not possible.

Thanks for any insight in advance.
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depending on your line speeds, you could copy videos to central syncronously in out of work time.
So, if all users go home at 18h, start copying from site 1 at 6 p.m.
if your upload network speed is about 300KB, it can spend 1h to upload.
so, at 7 p.m. I would program a copy from site2 to central.... etc

If all goes ok, you would have 15 sites saved in central at 9 a.m.

If you have more speed, it can be faster.

If it is not possible, I think that the HD solutions are the best too.
Big problem with cable internet connections being asyncronous with slow upload speeds. Pushing 1Gb of data per day with 384k upload speeds won't take that long if scheduled outside normal work hours as mikkk suggests.  What is the data speed at HQ site? Can it handle 15x 1gb/day? Have you done any testing to get some metrics on the time that it takes for 1 site? For 2 at the same time?
Hard drives are cheap. 500Gb USB drive is only $150. You can keep 3-4 months worth of video locally to each site.
If you had more expensive hardware at each site with something like SDsl or T1 you could use data compression on the links and not have any problems with a central repository. Check with Comcast and see if the higher speed with 768k upload speed is available in your area. That should give you enough bandwidth.
sudipmisAuthor Commented:
Speeds are around 300k and this is during the morning when traffic is low.
T1's to each site would be great but the client simply does not have the financial ability to sustain that type of setup.
We decided to go with 2 300gb HD's which will be rotated every couple of months. This should allow us to go back upto 4 months in the past.
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