Standalone reverse proxy with support for content rewriting

I am looking for a replacement to Orenosp (, a shareware reverse proxy server for Linux. Its main selling points were:

- standalone
- single https frontend with name-based virtual host support
- multiple http/https backends
- persistent connections to backends
- header (incoming and outgoing) and content rewriting with multiple rules

I have looked at yxorp, nginx, apache mod_proxy, squid.  Neither of them does all of the above.
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svsConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
nginx has most features that I require, looks like I'll be using it eventually.
Kerem ERSOYPresidentCommented:
Why do you want to replace your current software ?
svsAuthor Commented:
It's shareware and binary-only. I'd rather have free software with source code.
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Take a look at Pound ( I think it will do what you are looking for.
svsAuthor Commented:
Not quite.  It appears to do 1), 3) and 4), but not 2) and 5)
svsAuthor Commented:
hm, Varnish looks promising --
nginx could be hacked, too (http_sub_module looks promising), but at the moment I don't have time for this.
svsAuthor Commented:
I have just realized that 4) is not actually required -- it would be if I were to proxy a site that uses NTLM authentication, but that isn't the case any more.
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