Getting projects in the same solution to use the same localhost port

I have a solution that has 2 projects:
Is there anyway to setup VS2005 to use the same localhost, port number when running this? Right now its running from two different ones. I am NOT running these at the same time. I am only running one project at a time and would like to figure out how to set the project up to just use the same port.
This is how it currently is:
Solution 1 -> Project 1
                 -> Project 2

http://localhost:1355/Project 1/Test1.aspx
http://localhost:3572/Project 2/Test2.aspx

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sjturner2Connect With a Mentor Commented:
In VS 2005 you can choose the port number in the project properties, web tab, "Use Visual Studio Development Server", Specific Port ____.

However this is only for ASP.NET Web Application projects and not a web site project. This blog tells you how to convert form a web site project to a web app project:
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