Can not to connect mac osx ver 10.3 to windows 2000 shared folders using smb on lan. Error is Incorrect username or password

I have an inherited windows 2000 small business server.  We reloaded the machine to resolve other issues.  I've created windows shared folders on the server and assigned the appropriate share and ntfs permissions.  I am unable to get the mac oc to connect to the file shares by going to the Connect to Server menu.  Typing in SMB://serverIP then pressing ok.  It pulls up a list of the shared folders available in windows.  I select a share and click to proceed.  It pops up a credential window where I enter under the following fields:  Domain/workgroup: (domainname)  Username: (username)  Password:(password)   I am entering this info exactly how it was enter when connecting to the shares prior to the reload.  What I get is an error that says  Incorrect username or password.   I have tested the username and PW from a windows box and do not have any issues whatsoever connecting to the shares.  I also have no issues connecting Entourage to the Win 2k server using these credentials.  Please assist.  The last mac I've touched was a IIe!!!!!!
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Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
Have you disabled Microsoft Network Server: Digitally sign communication (always) ?
Type GPEDIT and go to Computer Configuration->Windows Settings->Security Settings->Local Policies->Security Options make sure its DISABLED
bcrosby007Author Commented:
Yes, I did that as well, but I found the issue to be with the users AD account.  I was testing the security and account settings from a win 2k and XP box.  I could login fine, when I tried this from an archaic 98box, if failed to login.  I found the pre-windows 2000 logon name differed from the 2k username.  Apparently, MAC uses the pre-win2k username to authenticate.  As soon as i changed this and used the correct info for the credentials I was able to mount the folders.
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Two things to try:
1)  When you connect from the Mac to the SBS the Mac network protocol will not send passwords longer than eight characters.  If your password is longer than that you will need to change it on the SBS to be eight chars max.
2)  I have had to put the domain/username and sometimes only the username.  Depends on how things are setup in networking.

I would give those two a try.
bcrosby007Author Commented:
Thanks for the tips.  Thus far I have not had those things affect my ability to connect.  I resolved the issue.  See the above comment.  
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