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Hi all,
We're at the end of doing a design for a .NET web application. We need to be able to create pdf reports for the user of the results that the system generates. So the end user is entering alot of personal financial information, we run rules and calculations against the data and give them a report with a list of tax calculations etc.

Clients want to be able to format these reports themselves, so they can lay them out the way they want to, even though the data is still the same.

My feeling is that the system should produce XML data which stores info on the results. Then the clients can apply their own XSLT to the XML. I've only done very basic stuff with XML and XSL before and it was all with files as opposed to from apps.

So the questions are:
Can .NET web apps generate XML data on a webpage on the fly?
Is it even feasible to use XSL to try and create pdf reports in a report builder way?
If there is XSL for pdf, can the resulting pdf be saved by a system or does it always have to be recreated?

Sorry this is all a bit vague.
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- Yes. This is quite common for web services. There are many different ways of creating the xml, eg using start elements, end elements, and such, DOM structures, or string construction.

- Yes. The general method is to use XSLT to convert the XML into XSL-FO, and then process the XSL-FO with a XSL-FO processor to convert it into PDF. XSL-FO is somewhat like CSS with XML.

A couple links on this:

- Sure. Why wouldn't you save the file? As long as the data doesn't change, the PDF should be valid.
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