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We have PC os' Windows xp  in our office and we contact to the office using Cisco VPN client software and contact remote desktop to the XP PC when we need document from office pc to my local printer and add new printer I cannot contact the printer?
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onyxsupportConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Connect your printer to the parallel port on your pc and test the connection if that doesn't work, make sure the drivers for the printer are installed on both the remote xp machine and your local pc.
Rob SiddellCommunity Educator IICommented:
What printer are you trying to connect with? Some printers don't work well or at all with RDP/TS Make sure the box is checked in the options to pass printers thru the session. If it is a USB printer i've found that sometimes if it has a parallel port in it you can use a parallel to USB adapter and have some success as i've found. Like an HP LaserJet 2200 i hooked up to a laptop via usb and it didn't pass thru but when i put the Parallel to USB adapter on it showed up without a problem.
You could try setting up your printer as a shared printer on your server machine.
sedelmAuthor Commented:
my printer hp laser jet 1320 usb  when i connect from LAN I can print .when i contact remotely from cisco vpn client i cannot contact the printer my printer is shard and it work in local LAN?  
scadieuxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You need to install the driver on the remote system:
- settings
- printers and faxes
- file - server properties
- click on drivers tab
- click add

Once the driver is installed on the remote system you should see your local printer when connecting by remote desktop. You said your printer is usb but sometimes you have to modify the registry to have windows recognize the printer in a remote desktop session (if port is dot4 for example). It is documented here:
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