how to display two columns in a listBox and when is clikc have the value of the first column

I have a listbox that needs to display two columns like this:

***      Doe
111    Smith
222    Last

i'm getting these record from a query string:
Select REP_P, Name FROM tblBrokers order by REP_P

so when the forms loads i need to display these records in columns, now i have the MultipleColumns options set to true but how do i enable to display two columns?

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Praveen KumarArchitectCommented:
nice to hear that...

rag the ListView into the form, and create the( two in your case) columns, from Columns property of ListView.

once you got the data into a datatable or dataset, you show in the listview like this...

  For Each row As DataRow In dtContracts.Rows
              ListViewItem item = new ListViewItem();
   End For      


Do you want to display the values in 2 columns ?

Or do you want the listbox to show 2 columns (something like a grid, with in the first column rep_p and in the second column name ?)
Praveen KumarArchitectCommented:
if you want to disply twio columns, better to go with ListView control, which have more properties and options.
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jsctechyAuthor Commented:
>>Or do you want the listbox to show 2 columns (something like a grid, with in the first column rep_p and in the second column name ?)

yes, this is what i want.

But the sample you have provide me I dont see how to apply to my problem.

how do i turn my query result into an array or the same way the sample provided does?
I would also take a look at the listview instead of the listbox...
Or a datagrid ...
jsctechyAuthor Commented:
how can i do it with a listview?
jsctechyAuthor Commented:
is that C++?
i'm working on VB .NET
jsctechyAuthor Commented:
if the code you have provide is a C# here is the equivalent in .NET  and when i execute the code below it does not display anything.

For Each row As DataRow In dt.Rows
                Dim item As New ListViewItem()
                item.Text = Convert.ToString(row(0))
                ' End For

You have provide me some good link but the links just show how to hard code values but i need to add values from the result set of the query string.

so to summary my progress i'm still where i started =/
Praveen KumarArchitectCommented:
sorry for that,

change the View property to Details for the ListView
jsctechyAuthor Commented:
ok i see what i was doing wrong:
here is what i have done:
>>create the( two in your case) columns, from Columns property of ListView.
I did not create this so the listView did not know where to put my values ;-)

i have a question though if i'm populating my listview after i click on a buttom how do i clear the context inside the listview?
if i do listview.clear() this will not allow the listview to display any values becasue i will kind of erase the columns and their values!
how can i just emptry the values been display and show the new values?
jsctechyAuthor Commented:
hahahahaha i feel dumb

just add before the click event requeries the items this line:

listView.items.Clear ()

thanks for all your help
Praveen KumarArchitectCommented:
glad to help you.
thanks for your points, which gave me a premiem membership.
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