Does restoring an exchange deleted folder restore the dumpster information?

I need to know if I restore a users deleted exchange folder, will the dumpster information be restored as well.  I am running exchange 2003 and using veritas backup exec.  I backup the entire exchange database on a daily basis.  I had my deleted item retention policy set to 7 days.  I need to find some messages that were sent and deleted on 10/2 - 10/4.  I have a backup from 10/5 and want to know if I restore this users deleted folder will the dumpster info be restored to so that I can use the ->tools->recover deleted items menu option to find these messages.
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Presuming that the user did not delete the contents of the dumpster as well, you would have to restore in to an RSG an then use Exmerge to recover the mailbox and the deleted items (it is an option in exmerge).

If the user flushed Recover Deleted Items as well, then you will probably be out of luck.


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