Kyocera FS4000DN defaulting to letter despite set to A4 on server.


I have just installed a Kyocera FS4000DN onto a SBS2003 server and shared it accross the network. Connected 10 or so users up to it and printed test pages fine. I even went into word and printed a few tests again all was fine. However a couple of users have printer documents from Acrobat Reader, Excel and IE, once they chave clicked OK to print the printer brings up the message to load letter into the MP tray.

I have checked all the settings again on the server and clients and all is set to A4, can anybody offer me an explanation/solution to why in the programs mentioned above when you check the print setup the page size is showing letter and in word or test print A4 is shown?

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dan_blagutConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Y usually solved this by changing manually in the printer properties the page to A4 in Page setup and Advanced. You can also configure the printer to allow automatically resizing the paper.

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