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Domino 5 to 7 upgrade path?

I have a bit of a nightmare scenario. The company I have started to work for has Lotus Domino 5 installed on 3 NT4 servers in the same OU. 2 on the internal network replicating with each other. One of these internal servers replicates with a server on the DMZ running iNotes.
I want to upgrade to Domino 7. The problems are firstly, I don't think 7 supports NT4 as a platform (Correct me if I'm wrong!) so should I upgrade the boxes first. Secondly, can I run 7 over the top of 5 to upgrade it succesfully? I am really only interested in getting them up to 7 then I have a new server platform to migrate to. I guess as an alternative, can I setup a new V7 server in the domain and move the 5 files to it? Really I am looking for the best path to follow.

Many thanks in advance.
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I would install R7 on a new server, and test it, then simply copy the data files over from your other servers.

If you want it to replace an existing server, then you will need to follow the IBM docs on migrating to a new server.

This will involve changing the IP address and DNS name of the server and turning off the old server before that, as well as updating your Active directory etc.

I hope this helps !
BTW, R7 is not supported   on NT4, although R 6.5x still is.

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h3rm1t9536Author Commented:
"I would install R7 on a new server, and test it, then simply copy the data files over from your other servers."

When you say on a new server, do you mean create a new server as a stand-alone then just copt the notes\data directory across? Seems way too simple to be true ! :D
I have a spare 300gb dual Xeon server waiting to take over duties so that would be an option if its viable.
Not standa alone.

Add it as part of the  Notes Domain, temporarily , after creating a new Server ID .That way the address book will already be correct.
Do not do the Address book template update portion yet.

R7 may work on NT4 tho definitely not supported.  Almost all settings from R5 can carry over to 7, with some SMTP tweaks.  You can obviously gain by making more adjustments to take advantage of 7 (or 8, now that it is out!), but even without that, everything should work... except for a possible minor change in SMTP routing.

If you are running NT4, then you probably have very old hardware.  Are you sure you want to just upgrade in place? I would consider moving the existing R5 to a new box (old IP, old name) running win2k3, then, when stable, upgrade R5 to R7 or R8 in place.Note that this might be a good time to introduce virtualization.  If you are running several old servers, you can probably consolidate them down to a single physical box.  That either means consolidating Domino server functions one by one... or virtualizing all the existing servers, and leaving their function nin place.  Once virtualized, you can roll changes forward or back as needed, without making any other significant architectural change.

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