Create a date (time) parameter in Crystal Reports XI that defaults to the current date (time).

I have been using Crystal Reports versions 9 and 10.  Now that I have updated to XI, I want to create a date or date-time parameter that automatically defaults to the Current date or dateTime.  I tried filling in CurrentDateTime under Options: Default Value and it would not take.  
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Agree.  Commonly you could handle this by setting a static parameter default such as 1/1/1900 then in your code / select expert treat that value as the current date.

Are you saying you could do that in CR9 & CR10?
How did you do it?

I don't know of any way in CRXI but then I didn't know it was possible in earlier versions.

I agree.  I don't see anyway to do it in CR XI, I tried using CurrentDate but that didn't work.  I was under the impression that you couldn't set a default to be the currentdate in Crystal for a date parameter.

chaverlyAuthor Commented:
Yes, when I created a date parameter and clicked on set Default Values, the dialog opens.  Under Set or Enter the value to add : M/D/YYYY, it automatically placed the current date in the drop down list box.  If you didn't push anything over to the right pane, the current date would automatically appear when the user refreshed.  
I believe that now the current date is selected when you click the calendar.

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