ACCESS 2003 - Combo box color question

A  user has shown me the drop down portion of a Combo box which has a yellow color in the header and a different color in the balance of the rows of the CBO.

I can not see how this is done in a standard CBO.  Is it a custom control?

Baffling me.
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Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)Commented:
Is it a custom control? guess it is a third party activex control

you can not do that natively in access
ljcorAuthor Commented:
Thanks, Cap.  I rather thought so.

If possible, I would genuinely appreciate if you could look at another question of mine that I ended up going to bed while it was pending.

It is the 4th question down the list under date 10-15.  Access 2003 - Err says text too

I do need to get that resolved.  Simply put the text box is long enough to accept about 65 upper case chars but gives me the error when I am attempting to post a much shorter string from a table.  I have examined the string to be placed in the box with the help of the debugger.
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