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Configuring a public WIFI hotspot

I am trying to configure a public WIFI hotspot at a hotel.

I currently have all of the switches and WAPs in place and they all work fine.

I had to get this setup quickly so I know I did not do some things correctly.

Right now I do not have any type of security on this network it is just wide open and people can do what they please.  What needs to happen is this:

When users open IE I need to have it set to the hotels homepage no matter what
I want to enforce some policies to block certain applications (Filesharing)
I need to have some overall control and monitoring on what is going on

My idea was to use Server 2003 with dual NICS
Internet->Firewall->Server->Main Switch->WAPs

How can I setup 2003 Server Standard to force a home page ot all users logged in and restrict what they browse and how they use my bandwidth.  I would prefer not to use ISA server are there any other applications out there ?

My next question is do I need a CAL on 2003 server for every user that is going to connect through it to get to the internet ?

1 Solution
Jan SpringerCommented:
I can't  help you with windows but if you were to use Linux, my recommendation would be:

1) Install freeradius
2) Install Chillispot
3) configure a 'guest' account in freeradius
4) modify the 'home' cgi page in Chillispot to present an AUP that must be checked to continue and pass the 'guest' login and password to freeradius
5) Use ipfw to masquerade the private IP to the public IP for outbound access
ostashenpAuthor Commented:
I figured this out myself
Hello, did you ever find a solution for this question.  I'm trying to do the same and was hoping you had conquered it.  I would appreciate any infor.
The Lifecycle Approach to Managing Security Policy

Managing application connectivity and security policies can be achieved more effectively when following a framework that automates repeatable processes and ensures that the right activities are performed in the right order.

ostashenpAuthor Commented:
Yes I did find a solution I used Cisco WAP's and Server 2003.
How did you get the win2003 to work with the WAPs?  did you make some DHCP specifications?
ostashenpAuthor Commented:
I used RADIUS through Active Directory
Can you please elaborate on the steps for the same ?

BTW is billing possible on freeradius and Chillispot ?

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