How to give read and write access to IUSR_machine name accout to a xml file.


In my web application, I need to be able to record errors into a log file, so I need to give read and write access to a xml format file.

I gave the IUSR_machine name account with even full control to the directory that the file will be written on, it didnot work. Also I gave ASPNET account same access rights and it can not open the file for reading.

 I have to give read/write access to the Machine name\Domain users.  It worked fine.

How do I make it work? was this a good way to gain access to anonymous users.  My intranet allowed anonyous access and the user is IUSR_machine name.

Thanks in advance,
Diane Ha
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Assign the IIS_WPG group the same rights. That group contains what is required for .NET apps to properly create/modify files on the back end of your website.
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