Spam Filter for exchange 2003 and BES 3.6

Spam Filter for Exchange 2k3 and BES.  
Our current system has 1 mailserver(server 2k3, Exchange 2k3) and a Blackberry Server for approximately 20 users.  We have GFI Mail Essentials 12 installed, and have over 60k of ham mail and 40k of spam mail in the respective databases.  However, a tremendous amount of spam is still getting through, and I am wary of having the individual users drop mail into the "this is legitimate" " this is spam" folders.  Also, the way GFI works, if I understand it correctly, is that the spam hits the exchange server, then the filter is applied, then the spam is moved to the junk folder.  This is no good when it comes to the blackberry, as the email from the blackberry is pulled from exchange not outlook, therefore it pulls much of the spam over.
What I have done:
I have instituted a 2 minute delay from when the mail is received to when it is delivered via the BES.  I figured this would allow time for the filter to apply the proper constraints, and forward only the legitimate mail from the user's inbox- not the junk folder.  
I sat with the owner of my company to see how much spam is still getting through, and he is innundated with over 100 a day.  Sooo, the sam filter is not working.  Does anyone have any suggestions on a spam filter that filters prior to being received by exchange?  
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DPAITConnect With a Mentor Commented:
We use 

We get so so little spam, my users usually tell me when they get more than 1 spam email a day.  Basically all of our email is routed to them first and then to my exchange server.  I have it setup to only accept email coming from thier mail servers so someone cannot even send it directly to my exchange server.  I still do some filtering within  exchange, but very little.  The cost of the server so far has been less than any other update service I have looked at even at the firewall level.

I've only looked at other options to see if I could save money.  Never because I was dissatisfied with the service.

JaCrewsAuthor Commented:
I just signed us up with mxLogic, basically the same as spamstopshere, but allows for much more in depth configuration, and allows for a month to month contract.  for the 45 mailboxes, we will be paying roughly $77/month. Which over a year, makes it about $300 more expensive than the GFI Mailessentials....which wasnt working anyway.  I will post a comment once the service is up and running on how it is working.
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