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XP Worm, Extract Battery to Drain memory in the BIOS

Can someone help us follow these steps to eliminate a worm in our BIOS.  This was an excepted answer from a similar problem.

Yes that can cause the freeze or a virus in the BIOS. But if you leave the battery out for like 15 minutes and let the memory drain in the BIOS then that would take care of any viruses. You will have to reset the BIOS though
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To remove the CMOS battery, unplug the power cord from your system.
Open the system case. On the motherboard you will notice a round battery approximately the size of a quarter and about three times as thick. This is easily removed. Leave the CMOS out of the system for fifteen minutes and replace.
NOTE: Take notice of the position of the CMOS battery prior to removing it from the system. There is a top and a bottom position for the battery.
What it is and what it does.
I hope this is the answer that you were looking for.
There is another part of your question that you may need answered as well and that pertains to "Resetting the BIOS".
First, if the BIOS was password protected you may need to go here and do some reading.
If your BIOS is not password protected, then follow these steps.
1. Remove the CMOS battery for 15-30 minutes, then replace it.
2. Or turn on your computer and press the key on your keyboard to open the BIOS (Usually F1 or the delete key.)
3. Go to the last tab and do restore factory settings.
4. Save and exit.

what PC do you have desktop or laptop?
Desktop remove the battery from your motherboard for about 5 min with the power cord unplugged.
draining the battery from a laptop is more complicated usually removing the main battery and leaving it unplugged for a few days usually does the trick.

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