Microsoft Office clipart for teaching

A friend of mine has produced some teaching material that includes Microsoft Office clipart. Is she entitled to copyright the material as her own? Is it enough to declare on the material that the artwork is from Microsoft or does she need special licensing?

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From the Microsoft website:

Clip Art
The Microsoft Clip Art Gallery provides a compilation of artwork for your personal use. Microsoft licenses some of the artwork from third parties and therefore cannot grant permission for you to redistribute the artwork. For more information on the terms of use, refer to the End User License Agreement (EULA) that accompanied the product from which you obtained the clip art. If you obtained the artwork from Office Online, you can find the EULA at

Many other product EULAs are available at

The following guidelines apply to the use of clip art:

1.  You may use clip art in your school assignments and projects.
2.  You may use clip art in your church brochure.
3.  You may use clip art for personal, noncommercial uses.
4.  You may not use clip art to advertise your business.
5.  You may not use clip art to create a company logo.
6.  You may not use clip art to illustrate the chapters of a book.
SyntheticsAuthor Commented:
Good enough. thanks
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