How to change default schema ?


With Management Studio, I created an SQL login (mylogin) then I created a schema (myschema) and finally a user (myuser) with "mylogin" as login name and "myschema" as default schema.

When I log-in and create a new table thru the Management Studio or thu a script without a schema prefix, "dbo" schema is used. Why ?

Note : as I selected "myschema" as default shema, the table has to be created in "myschema" schema. No ?

Thanks for ur future reply.

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s2000_comConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
So what's the use of default schema ?

You mean that I cannot change the default behavior when crerating a table from Management Studio : in the properties of the new table > Schema : it will be always "dbo" ?
each user can be assigned a default schema but you still should specify the schema when creating a table.

CREATE TABLE Sales.SalesPeople
    SalesPersonId INT,
    SalesPersonName VARCHAR(50)

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