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We currently run a single-label domain and I was wondering what benefits there are to promoting it to a fully qualified one. We constantly have to perform reg hacks like the allowsinglelabeldomains and so forth. What benfits would we see with renaming the domain and also how risky is the procedure? The network is primarily Server 2003 with only 2 legacy development servers still up. The 2 of those run 2000. doesn't server 2003 have a rename feature that is relatively safe or no?

Also what is the risk/benefit of upgrading the domain fully to the 2003 level as opposed to its current 200 level. Sorry I forgot the correct term there :P
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Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
I have to say  my first reaction is if it ain't broke don't fix it. Any operation like this is risky - Why not set up a couple of virtual PCs and try it out on them first.

Benefits of 2003 Native include Univeral group caching, improved AD replication, removal of thr 5000 object limits and of course ability to rename the domain !
If it's a windows 2003 domain, it will already have a fully qualified domain name.  The single label domain name you're using is the netbios name.  Have a look at your DNS server to see what zones are listed there.
goodman1210Author Commented:
The thing is that it is sort of broke. We're having all sorts of weird DNS related problems. I was hoping it would alleviate some of them.
goodman1210Author Commented:
Any more opinions before I close?
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