Access:Refresh my subforrm: Is not working

My database has the following:
2 forms titled form1 and sub_form2
2 queries titled sortbyfirstname, sortbylastname
1 table titled Names

 On form1 there is subform2 two optionboxes(optionbox1 and optionbox2)

 When a user chooses optionbox1 then it runs the following code:
[Forms]![sub_form2].RecordSource = "sortbyfirstname"

When a user chooses optionbox2 then it runs the following code:
[Forms]![sub_form2].RecordSource = "sortbylastname"

When I open both forms, I notice that the above code changes subform2, but form1 there is no change. I have tried docmd.requery sub_form2 but the subform in form 1 does not change. Does anyone know why. Can anyone help me figure out what to do to make the subform refresh when its recordsource is changed?
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Sry, you needed the form qualifier too.

me.sub_form2.form.RecordSource = "sortbyfirstname"
Did you try something like this:

Dim strSort

Select Case me.YourComboBox
     Case = "Sort By First Name"
          strSort = "sortbyfirstname"
     Case = "Sort By Last Name"
          strSort = "sortbylastname"
End Select

me.sub_form2.recordsource = strSort
I think you're confusing referencing forms and subforms. When you're wanting to reference the subform you *must* reference it via it's parent.

If I understand your post correctly, what happens is you open both form 1 with the subform2 on it, and also the subform2-on-it's-own. When you click your button, only the subform2-on-it's-own is getting updated, but it's the subform on form1 you're wanting to update?

adraughn's correction correctly references the subform2 on the main form1. If you just change your [Forms]![sub_form2].RecordSource = "sortbyfirstname"
me.sub_form2.RecordSource = "sortbyfirstname"
... then you should see the subform updating, but the subform2-opened-on-it's-own no longer refreshing.


ouestqueAuthor Commented:
Here are the details for the subform on form1: Name=sub_form and Source Object=sub_form2

I have tried swampy's idea above but I get the following error: "Method or data member not found."

Here is what I am using: me.sub_form2.RecordSource = "sortbyfirstname"

I thought maybe the error is that I am referring to sub_form2, instead of the name of the subform on form1 so I tried the following and got the same error: me.sub_form.RecordSource = "sortbyfirstname"

Ya'll have any ideas?
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