Multi-user Sage Line 50

I have had to re-install my Sage Line 50 V 11 software following a new PC.  We don't have the Sage Extracover as we never need to call them, but I can't remember how to put the software in multi-user mode rather than exclusive mode.  Can anybody help?  Thanks
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Nick DennyCommented:
If you have a multi user license - you will automatically have this functionality once you enter the activation number.

If you can elaborate on how far you have got etc - we can help further.

If you have installed already, you just need to browse across a network for the company data files (the ACCDATA folder on the machine hosting the data).
SokellaAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the pointer - now it seems to be working- obviously was a blip yesterday.  I had a recollection we had to do something historically to switch mode, obviously not.  Thanks :)
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